Do you ever think reality shows are just scripted? It's nothing but grown men & women always playing each other in the relationship and/or marriage and always fighting over another person near the end of a episode.

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Of course they are scripted! I find it difficult to believe that people are gullible enough to believe they are not scripted. It's just like professional wrestling, simply entertainment for people who enjoy watching that kind of stuff!

Some are. Most aren't scripted, but some are guided, as in the lines are improvised, but they're supposed to have a certain climax or resolution happen at some point. But often times they film UNTIL they get something good, Big Brother is an example.

The only reality show I've watched was Crisley Knows Best....and I know that was scripted.

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I think there is nothing real about reality shows.
Give me an old fashioned sitcom!

So-called "reality" shows are completely fake and scripted. It really wouldn't be so bad if they didn't try to pass this crap off as reality. It's plainly obvious, and nauseating to watch.

Haha yep forsure but so damn intertaining lol

All the time. It gets to the point to where you can guess what's going to happen next. And reality is the complete opposite.

A real reality show, would be filming fish in an aquarium..

All shows have scripts, no one is going to waste time and money, filming actual reality... waiting for drama to happen..

I don't have any desire to watch them..

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