Burgers are so much tastier when they are grilled instead of fried. The bread should be grilled and served warm too. Not just the burger, the bread as well. The vegetables should be cut and served fresh, not cutting them and putting them back in the fridge till you are going to make your hamburger. The burger should be beef and not pork. Beef burgers are much much tastier in a hamburger than pork burgers. Mayonaise and ketchup should be freshly made and not from a bottle. There are too much preservatives and colorants in bottled ketchup and mayo. To have the perfect hamburger the sauce needs to be freshly made as well.

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I'm not a picky eater, I'll take a hamburger fried or grilled. Both are good.

Just put a big dollop of fried onions on and the burger is perfect.

I agree...especially with the buns being grilled...the onions should be grilled, too... I dunno about fresh ketchup and mayo...that is asking a lot.

@Sukiesnow I agree...especially with the buns being grilled...the onions should be grilled, too... I dunno about fresh ketchup...

Grilled onions are even delicious just between a slice of bread imo. The perfect quick snack. Fruity and salty :)

@ThisLadyIsDangerous I don't like cheese :p

Some Crumbled crunchy bacon?

And btw... You probably don't like it... I don't see it in your burger menu.

@ThisLadyIsDangerous Crumble, crunchy bacon :/ ?

You know what bacon is. Bacon is from a pig... Do you not eat that?

In a samwich I like just a touch of crumbled bacon...not a lot... Just for flavour.

@ThisLadyIsDangerous Yeah, I know what bacon is but I got confused because we were talking about cheese :p

Yes! When you said you didn't like cheese I suggested bacon...

Being online has it's own issues in communication.

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Kobe meat, that is that special Japanese kind of meat that's so expensive, right? :)

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If I lived in Cali I would definitely have tried one of your hamburgers! They sound delicious :)

Your description sounds great. I prefer the bread to be warm, but it doesn't need to be grilled. The vegetables absolutely need to be fresh cut just before serving. I prefer a fresh cut thick slice of onion rather than grilled. And the tomato must be lightly salted. But the freshly made mayo is too much effort for me when I am anxious for my burger. And I don't even know how to make fresh ketchup. That's probably a lost art in the United States.

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Yeah me too! The fresh ones, not the vacuum packed ones. I want a burger that's made with the same care as the love that grandma put in her dishes. Does that make sense :p ?

If someone is making me a burger...I don't get picky..

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