A boyfriend with a beard and side burns comes over as more loyal. Especially if he has cute friendly eyes. A guy's eyes can sometimes be his most attractive feature. I prefer a boy with big blue eyes. I also find it very attractive when a man has thick eyelashes and thick eyebrows. I think Simon Baker is a dream guy. So handsome, yet so cute. I also love dark, curly short hair on a man. It looks so much better when he is wearing styling gel if his hair is dark and thick. Black hair is most attractive on a guy. White teeth and a strong jawline are handsome too. I don't like a strong chin on a man though. Not a weak chin either. Just a medium chin. Thick calves and forearms, although not too muscled, are attractive too. I don't like prominent adams apples personally. My ideal guy is the business-man type. Handsome and fashionable. I personally am not a fan of tattoos or piercings. Orlando Bloom is a very attractive man for example. A mix of strong and soft features. Beautiful and handsome. I like it when my boyfriend is taller than me as well.

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