As long as both parties are consenting adults an age gap doesn't matter all that much when dating. I would date a guy in his early thirties if we hit it off. I think age gaps are only problematic when one is an adult and the other a minor. Love is more important than age gaps in cases where both are consenting adults.

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It's really none of my business 30 and 45 all is well but crank it down to 15 and 30 then it becomes super creepy. What bothers me the most in age gaps is when there are difference in the stage of life, let's say one is a high school student and the other is a college graduate, the challenges, problems, needs are on a completely different level.

It's entirely up to the 2 individuals involved. As long as they are of age. There are problems they will have to deal with later in life but it's their choice. ☺

Yes. As long as they are two consenting adults. There have been a lot of relationships with a large age gap.
Unfortunately there is still a stigma about relationships where both partners aren't the same age; if the man is older, he's viewed as a dirty old pervert taking advantage of a young woman, and if the man is younger, he's viewed as a dirty young pervert taking advantage of a lonely old woman.
Personally, I'd prefer to date someone around my age for no reason other than we're both from the same generation and experienced the same music and pop culture, and would have more in common. I wouldn't have a problem with going out with someone a few years older than me, but I probably wouldn't feel as comfortable with a much younger partner.

That depends on the age gap. YouTube video thumbnail

I think dating a much younger woman would ultimately become boring. There needs to be some mutual interests and compatibility.

As long as both parties can make informed decisions and no harm is done, then that's that.

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