Financial status or the economical class one belongs to as well as one's social status shouldn't be of any importance when two people are in love and want to date each other. Money and ancestry are of no importance when it concerns love. A rich family shouldn't stop their daughter from marrying a poor man she loves or stopping their son from marrying a poor girl he loves. Same as someone of noble descent shouldn't be forbidden by their family to marry someone with a lower social status.

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It's not on the nose as before, but I've noticed it with some people. with all kind of things: what kind of job they have, if they have a job, where the partner studied, where it lives, who are his friends and so on. I understand that parents worry, but as someone who was in a private school, I can guarantee: rich doesn't automatically mean good, decent person.

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No one does this anymore... Altho it happens in some circles it's never spoken about.

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It shouldn't matter, getting someone you match with well enough is rare as it is.

But it's some of the most common problems I've seen, especially ancestry. At some point in history someone's ancestors slaughtered the other's, sure it sounds ridiculous but people like to hold their grudges.

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