Do you support moving Confederate statues out of public places?

Image for post Do you support moving Confederate statues out of public places?
26% Yes 61% No 13% Other
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Well spoken - Exactly how I feel about it.

History isn't always pleasant. The Civil War is an ugly part of America's past. We don't want to forget about the past.

Don't try to erase history. Just, don't!

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Too late? How so? You don't think they're done, do you? There's plenty more statues to bitch about.


That's the 'Can Do' spirit! [not]

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I felt that way too. I don't believe in any form of censorship. But after I saw this weekend the cockroaches that came out to support it, I soon realized, that it was no longer a statue, but a mentality, and not a healthy one.

@dru18 I felt that way too. I don't believe in any form of censorship. But after I saw this weekend the cockroaches that...

funny how you liberals only condemn violence if its not liberals committing it, and funny how you attack trump even when he stands AGAINST violence

If they're used as a something to look up to, I don't think leaving it outside is the best idea. Maybe make a History Centre with the statues or something? If the intent to make it disappear is to make people forget, then that's a bad idea. People should know the bad side of history, to make sure not to repeat it, or to let the assholes know there will be consequences for their lack of humanity.

But after what happened, I would take it off the street right away.

When I saw what crawled out of the gutter, this weekend, to support it, then yes, I do.

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Nope, wrong. There was the White Supremacists, and the people who opposed them.

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Nope. I would hardly equate people who are fighting back, with the racist assholes from the alt right.

Nobody with any sense would.

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She was a 'result' of a racist attack perpetrated by the right. That guy rammed his car into the crowd not caring who it hit, as long as it was a protester.

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No, actually, I didn't say that, but keep on using those drugs.

He rammed PURPOSELY into a crowd of protesters.

Oh yeah, those chants were just soooo anti-racism, weren't they?

I've never had a problem with the statutes..... they've been there for years, and now the Nazis, the KKK are defending. There lies the problem. If the state governments vote to take them down, they should be taken down. The Civil War is over, the South lost..... some can't get over that fact.

And our insane president is backing the haters. After what transpired this past weekend in Charlottesville, VA, I hope Trump supporters have finally taken their blinders off and see what this president is allowing to happen in America. He's is siding with David Duke, a known racist and hater of jews and he will destroy America unless the Republican party or someone stops this maniac.

I really don't care if they move or stay.

Confederate soldiers were still American soldiers. Confederate soldiers were also "drafted into the Army, the same as Union soldiers. Many soldiers who fought and died on both sides didn't really know what they were really fighting for. They were ordered to take up arms, so they did.

I seriously doubt if many, or even any, of those who tore down the statues, could tell you anything at all about the men the statues depicted. Mob mentality led by those with a specific agenda, and it had nothing to do with statues.

Over 600,000 Americans died in the civil war and now that history is to be eradicated? It is history and should be treated as such. Forcing anything that makes you uncomfortable from your sight will make this a crazy, unstable country. Is that the goal?

Its history like it or not no one can change it. Im not doing it because of some butthurt pansies

I don't care one way or the other..
I'm not a fanatic supporter for either side, pro or con..

I do feel.. if they've been there all these years, they should stay there..

They spent 2 million(don't remember exactly how much it was) to remove statues in New Orleans, because a small group of people from mostly out of state(Probably mostly people paid to create drama) were offended by them.

The mayor was trying to build his credentials by doing that..because no one had the slightest objection about those statues until he started it up..

A couple of weeks ago, flooding pumps failed, parts of New Orleans got a lot of flood water..
That'll be a lot of extra taxes..could've used that statue money.

People should learn not to be so easily butthurt about something and understand there's usually crooked politicians behind it(Yea and i don't care what letter is behind their name, it's all of them)..and put the blame where it really deserves to be..

The usual political drama...Politicians getting people to point their fingers at each other and not the politicians..

Either way my life goes on, i quit falling for crap like that long ago..

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You're joking, right?


Peaceloving hahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha OPEN SEASON ON WHITE PEOPLE riiiiight.... You cant be serious, the fact that black people in the past have suffered doesnt entitle these blm racists to anything, no reparations no nothing, this is just sjw guilt trip propaganda, blm is nothing but justified hate towards whites because history, no american slaver is alive today nor slave get over yourself


you can't be serious

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