You never know what you are missing...until you clean the house🙄

After working all these hours I was afraid I was going to be on the next episode of Hoarders😘

Image for post You never know what you are missing...until you clean the house🙄
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Yeah, coin changes... mystery socks... uninvited visitors with too many legs... and so on... it's an adventure.

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If I gave mine a good clean I too might find some socks -and underpants.

I know my house is a wreck more often my dog gets into something rips it to pieces I see it throw it away. Today I looked for some pliers Never found them, maybe another day as I pull out more. Gosh I want a new house so I can clean this one out

Haha...that is so true... I find stuff I've bought but obviously didn't have to....

Indeed...I wonder if some maids retire at a young age.

I found my old headphones that i lost this way


Oh I like that. Thank ya for sharing.

I don't always have the time to clean my house, but I do try to keep it neat and organized. If you don't keep up with the little things such as putting things away when you're done using them, or picking up whatever clutter accumulates, the place can turn into a trash hole right quick. Besides, it's satisfying to have a clean house.

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