Would death solve all your problems?

I don't know whose death...anyone's - yours, mine, anyone's...

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@Sofia Nope.

Of course it will. You are gone; you have no more problems.

Nope that's the part where my souls gonna burn, in a lake of fiiire!!!6 smilie
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Well, my joints would stop hurting, but I think I'll just take more Advil.

No but it makes them go away

Death would solve the problem of death.

I guess that comes around in any case.

It might create more. I might end up burning in hell for eternity, that could be problematic

It would cancel them

I'll confirm that when my time comes.

the only problem you have after death is your dead

If i was psychotic...

No it sure wouldn't it would just create more for those I love and care for...people that choose that route are selfish as hell. It leaves wounds that will never heal... I know this from personal experience.


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