Here's where we are, and here's what people are really upset about: open communists infest government funded universities, destroying the minds of the young. Socialists and other hardcore leftists infest television, movies, theater, psychology, sociology, political science, history departments, you name it. 25% of sociologists characterize themselves as MARXISTS, that's probably more than the members of the Chinese Communist Party. Liberal or leftist professors outnumber conservatives nearly 12 to 1. In history departments, where I studied, it's over 33 to 1. Back in 1968 it was 2.7 to 1 across academia. And it gets worse as you go younger. There are 10 Democrats for every Republican professor over the age of 65, when you start looking at "scholars" under the age of 36, it's almost 23 to 1. In 2009, only 6% of scientists were Republicans, the ratio, I'm sure, is even worse now. What about the teachers of our children in their most impressionable years? Well, more than 90% of school teachers vote Democrat. The mainstream media is almost completely run by leftists, they want more and more government, more and more laws, more and more coercive control over the population. Out of all reporters, not only political ones, out of all reporters, only 7% are Republicans, that's 1/4 of what it was in 1971. According to another study, journalists, reporters, news editors, or television news anchors anchors, as well as other donors known to be working in journalism, over 96% of them gave money to Hillary Clinton, according to federal campaign finance filings. ... ... ... We hear of genocide, even more dangerous is democide - murder by your own state. 250,000,000 people murdered by their own governments - not including war, outside of war. Those who demand bigger and bigger and bigger governments, more and more regulations, more and more violations of persons and property and conscience, these people virtually control the entire cultural, artistic, intellectual and media empires of the west. That is the reality. That is what needs to be exposed, and opposed. Socialism, collectivism, marxism, communism... they're everywhere. The death count of communism in the 20th century alone: more than 100 million people. That is the titanic reality of what we face. BUT, a few losers who have no power whatsoever wave around their little home made nazi flags and everyone LOSES THEIR MINDS! WAKE UP! YOU'RE BEING LIED TO! And led, by your trust, TO YOUR DOOM. -Stefan Molyneux

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I could only read a bit before I began getting nauseous.

LOL. Very funny. Too bad so many people will think this is serious.

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What is there to say?
The guy equates Socialism - an economic policy, with Nationalism - a sociopolitical ideology and concludes that: because the vast majority (80-90%) of educated people identify with Marx (who was both a Humanist - sociopolitical ideology, and an anti-capitalist - economic philosophy) that we are all doomed.

Of course I would not expect anyone who did not react as I did to even care about what I just wrote, nor would I expect anyone who did react as I did to want or need me to write it out - because they are - no offence - educated.