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I don't believe in curses at all and am never troubled by them. I do think that those who believe they are cursed can experience harmful effects like anxiety, sleeping disorders, etc., making them more vulnerable to accidents, depression, and illness. They end up unwittingly creating their own "curse".

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Actually when you wish bad things on others, a form of negativity will come back and get you.

Of course when something comes back to bite the person in the ass, that wished bad things on others...they'll blame everything else but that..

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Me neither. My parents are obsessed with all that stuff.

No, I don't believe in curses. If that were true, everyone would be cursing all that they dislike. lol None of my friends believe in curses...

Are you a5 year old? Only in fairy tales and vampire fiction.

I don't believe that curses have any independent effect at all (e.g., invoking an evil spirit or demon; they don't exist).

However, if the recipient of the curse knows of it and believes in it, it could have psychosomatic effects on him/her.

You create your own reality.