You are creative and love the English language. Amirite? Here is a 3 Words Make a Sentence Game. Please follow examples.

Image for post **You are creative and love the English language.** //Amirite?// **Here is a 3 Words Make a Sentence Game.** //Please follow examples.//
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The world is spinning because of the countless sacrifices made by the sun and the moon to keep earth in its orbit.

Next words: pillow, Android, superhero

Was it the bang! theory that led sunshine into our gloomy Monday?

Next words: sandwich, blue, towel

@Sukiesnow Was it the bang! theory that led sunshine into our gloomy Monday? Next words: sandwich, blue, towel

The blue ants are on your beach towel devouring your sandwich made of octopus.

Next words: House, universe, mosquito

There are many a mosquito in a house; how many are there in the Universe?

Next words: countless, sacrifice, world

The Android superhero was certainly at a loss to explain the object on the divan, which was called a pillow.

Next words: wedding, work, talk

No work talk allowed at the wedding.

Next words: flick, orange, waste

To flick orange peels at monkeys is a waste of time.

Next words: building, rainbow, cake

It was due to all the beans that the flatulence came about; but seriously...did they all have to laugh about it while they were bowling?

Next words: myself, happy, possum

I was happy playing possum and looking all dead and stuff but my guest almost had a heart attack. I thought is was funny and all I got for myself, from my joke, was a trip to the hospital.

Next words: nest, alien, politician

The alien's most frightening experience after landing on planet Earth... was to come upon a vast nest of politicans.

Next words: overcooked, moist, postive

The brain is a door to a vast if not infinity world...
Next words: World, time, life

Six sexy sisters gave me a wonderful night.

Rubber, armadillo, string.

Perry the Platypus wore a red dress with sequins riding in an Edsel on his way to save the world.

Next words: technology, space, grass

I space out, while smoking good grass, when i am reading about space technology.

Methane, franchise, fundamentally

The use of methane has fundamentally and irreparably changed the 'Gases 'R Us' franchise forever.

Caterwaul, Cataracts, Caterpillar

The caterwaul of the Siamese was because of the cataracts, which the caterpillar lied to the poor cat about, saying the cataracts were safe.

Amirite, universe, closet

When you're on Amirite, it's like it's your Universe...when it's really more like a tiny closet.

Next words: sticky, pristine, master, space

Mr. Popper's fanciful penguin harbored deep, malignant hatred that served as the harpoon that killed the fanciful penguin's krill.

Netflix, roof, turtle, onions

I remember warm summer nights, sitting on the roof of my jeep, eating french fried onions, hoping to see a sea turtle race for the ocean...sure beats netflix.

Elephantitis, imaginary, kiwi

The mother who smelled of strawberries held the child who smelled of cigarettes to her heaving bosom; she hadn't seen her son since he got locked up for petty crime.

picture perfect, shoelace, watermelon

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Eating popcorn, listening to loud classical music, mortimer was entranced by paris and enjoying the eiffel tower, in his oblivion he fell into the fountain pool and was given his last rites by a vacationing priest.

Here ya go.....
Amarillo, consortium, perpetual motion, instability

Flo farnsworth, an uplifting inspirational speaker, fed up with the uninspired audience at the joe lewis arena, fled the stage, found herself faced with the stadiums zamboni, and while lifting up her large body unto the machine, imagined herself driving it as far as the great divide.

Counterfeit, carnage, multiple orgasmatic, foundation

Slyvester, a strong steady man, with nerves of steel, came into the dining room to find his brothers table filled with traditional thanksgiving fare, but those nerves scattered like dropped marbles when he saw his new, sexy sister-in-law was his long ago lover, maddie.
Needless to say, it was an uncomfortable dinner that year.

Catamaran, mohave desert, fountain, forrest

Next words: Boy, girl, Dandy

Somehow the overcooked chicken is still moist, and it was the bibliophile's muse to make up a new word—postive—based off of the word positive but with a slightly different meaning.

In our World and in our life...sometimes time can go by slowly or quickly...

Next words: Shot, amusement, frustration

The master space was pristine if only that sticky substance had not mucked up an otherwise beautiful area.

Try this: butter, universal, walls

Albert was just a smelly, booze guzzling universal studio exec, sprawled within his office walls, snoring, with his face buried in popcorn drenched in butter.

Indigo, parvo, magnify

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Cool name for a tiny pug.:)

While running the 500 yard dash, mildred watched her competitors whiz by like a flash, after being overtaken by a case of the hiccups.

Quadrant, quaalude, quintuplets

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But you already have the words on this one;).

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Mmm, soothing....

Omg, the debutantes sure had their panties in a wad, at the ball, when annie was caught in the makeout closet with rebecca.

It's all you......
California, lobotamy, contagious

Im in heaven when i lick the foamy, melted marshmallows from the hot cocoa of which you speak.

Night, bub.
For another time....
Franchised, plutonium, absolution

In the early Sunday morning, some of the franchised farm workers discovered, by accident, a cumbersome, sealed case with a large plutonium danger sticker in the abandoned barn; in spite of their fright, two of their mates drove off in the old delivery van to alert the police in the nearest town, while the rest of them walked, as planned to church - to sing, as usual, the gospel, and to pray for absolution.

Reflect further with: hazardous, closed, protection

The bridge was closed for the protection of motorists after the the road commission declared the crumbling structure, hazardous.

Morning morsels
Fanciful, malignant, harpoon

Once upon a time, 666 flies, having escaped from the TV episode "Kill Me Now", discovered Elvis, spreading peanut butter on his morning toast.

Add some spice with these elements: flutter by, curry, delta

We camped out in the delta, enjoyed some delicious curry and watched the butterflies flutter by...

Next words: hop to it, arduous, moist

Shaking slightly...I lit a couple of cigarettes, handed my darling one - then taking away the bowl of half-eaten strawberries of our sensuous repast...giving me just enough time to quell my heaving bosom while gazing through the eyes of love.

Back: lustful glances, perspiration, oozing charm

Beautiful student Alicia Featherstone had a green scarf that every other girl in the class envied. Except those on Amirite, of course...since they were online.

Words: knockout, time, boards, caught

I was unstable but in perpetual motion, acting as a strange, concocted consortium with my so-called friends that don't fit into my California lifestyle, because being from Amarillo, their nature of instability and wildness far outweighed my contrasting nature.

Titans, beast, new beginnings, infallible

The date was 38-22-36—on this cold planet of sleigh rides and frozen apple fritters, there were 50 months, each consisting of 26 days, and it was the 36th year of King Ytrinop—when my cold prince whisked me away from the earth I so dearly loved.

All or nothing, anomaly, newspaper, harmonic

After exiting the lecture hall, moses and milo, brothers from other mothers, headed to milos parked honda motorcycle...in a heartbeat, moses swiped the keys, which were twirling on milos index finger, raced for the bike and tore off, (milo behind shouting "wait for me!")..going only yards before dumping the bike, skinning his knee, chin, forehead and shoulder and bending the handlebars, foot pegs and denting the tank.
The incident ruined their friendship, until a college reunion, 10 years later.

Words fot the day..
Kyphoplasty, fermentation, frosted flakes, insubordination

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And you like me.


Thats what they did for my mother this morning:]

Tilly Harrington was sassy and saucy; her boobs were flat...but she made that up by her personality; and although she tried for a picture in Penthouse - one famous scene with chocolate sauce dripping everywhere - it never did take off and she was doomed forever to be just ordinary Tilly.

Your words are: ardor, succinct, sucky, babe

The Bank Robbers didn't want a carnage; it was bad enough that they found counterfeit money in the foundation...but at least they had got enough to pay for Susie's hookers to help with her multiple orgasmic episodes.

Your words: traditional, sexy, nerves of steel, scattered

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It is just dandy that society has changed from boy and girl...

Next words: bang! Sunshine, Monday

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At first you had "It is just me"

And I thought we were making 3-word sentences

Working as a steel monkey on that skyscraper had its perks, the sun on her face, the mist of morning clouds, but going up the elevator, floor by floor, to extend the length of the extension cord was ridiculous...fixing the generator seemed forgotten.

Next up...
Unbelievable, irish setter, unimaginable, stimulate

It was a Disneyland movie that inspired my dad to buy a used car...a '69 Chevy...and it was at the same time that my night terrors began...although that was NEVER discussed with my family.

Your words: happy hour, people, technology, work

Melanie took the quick but most dangerous route home; suddenly the man was almost upon her, and Melanie thought of screaming for help...but she was frozen... Fortunately a passerby moved out of the shadows immediately calling the police - and after the man fled - they arrived...so Melanie got home without so much as a run in her pantyhose and with her lipstick intact....

Your words: penetrate, kill you, curry, stewing

It was a bright day in September when the fortunate members of The Yacht Club all boarded their own canoe...and yes...it was unfortunate that a guest vomited all over the seating area...right off the bat.

Your words: kicker, round, tasting, top three

The venerable oak, spreading some of its knotty, densely leaved branches over an old, convertible bench table, had witnessed, for many years, the "dessert pizza" picnics of the children and teens from the neighbourhood, and Greg found at once the heart surrounding his and Amelia's name, which he engraved 40 years ago with the tip of his pocket knife in the scarred bark of the thick stem, when they exchanged their first kiss.

Let's continue with: youth, blue grass, old mariner

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Lol - as I see, Marko has answered.

Bright as ever! hehe smilie

My youth was spent dreaming about blue grass, since green was so old, just like an old mariner trying to catch a whale, speaking to him in ancient language: "Bub is your dad, follow him forever, because when he gets lost, he will face an angry raccoon."

Brothel, syndication, irritable

The syndication of loans to the "Syndicate of Former Peripatetic Professionals" enabled the latter to have the old brothel torn down, a decision, which upset quite a few honourable, but lately highly irritable, "city fathers".

For a crunchy dessert in the desert: gastronomic highlight, ancient vegetables, meditating

I was all talk about how the wedding wouldn't work as I was furiously banging her twin sister.

Oodles of noodles are highly appreciated by ladies and gentlemen, but tell me, what kind of "Scram Mister" are you referring to - if this person has other preferences, and has to control or to be controlled for blood alcohol levels?

Have a nice rest and try with: sobering therapy, bath, ferruginous water

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