Why is it made so much harder for a woman to build out a big successful career, than it is made for a man?

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Congratulations on your success, but unfortunately your success is not everyone's success. And I'm successful in my own right at a young age, but that doesn't mean sexism doesn't exist. If sexism didn't exist, there wouldn't be a need for Black Women Equal Pay Day (which was just a few days ago). It's worse for Black women because we suffer from both racism and sexism. White women earn about 77 cents to every dollar White men earn. Black women earn about 64 cents to every dollar. Hispanic women earn about 56 cents. And even if you are successful, you still may not be earning as much as your male counterpart. I've heard from a couple of women in the technology arena that a lot of the time they're the only ones in the room that's not a White male. Not to mention women are still objectified in this apparent 21st century post-sexism era.

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It's good that in your world neither racism nor sexism exists.


I'm glad that you had a booming career. Congratulations.

It just is...this is still a patriarchal society...and unless women get more support around home & child care...it will not change.

I agree with Sukie: we still live in patriarchal societies.

To those who argue that sexism no longer exists, please consider the fact that women in the U.S. are paid on average 80% of what men are paid. Perhaps this figure is incorrect or misleading, but at face value it seems sexism is still alive and well.

@PhilboydStudge I agree with Sukie: we still live in patriarchal societies. To those who argue that sexism no longer exists...

Sexism still exists everywhere. It's forbidden by law but socially you still notice it in subtle ways, sadly.
My dad and my brother are the biggest sexists ever. My father still believes that women and men should sit on apart sides of the table, that women and men should not talk with each other when they are not husband and wife / boyfriend and girlfriend.
Friendship between a man and a woman doesn't exist according to my dad.
My brother is even more horrible. He thinks women are too dumb to understand complicated things, that women are always at fault in everything, that women have to make him food and give him children and that women serve for nothing more. I hate people like my father and my brother.

@ThisLadyIsDangerous Sexism still exists everywhere. It's forbidden by law but socially you still notice it in subtle ways, sadly. My...

What your father and brother believe is backward.. and wrong. I hope you don't believe them when they say these things. One option you have is to prove them wrong.

My parents didn't encourage me to go to college because they didn't think I was intelligent and/or studious enough. After traipsing around for six months I decided to go to college and used my feelings of resentment to energize me. We call it "playing with a chip on your shoulder".

Because there are some people who still believe a woman's place is in the home, not in the corporate world.

Because it's unnatural for women to provide for themselves

its not, reason why men make it further is because they don;t take maternity leave. women who are dedicated make it just as far as men, feminist hatethat fact though, they want to blame "patriarchy"

Boobies. They tend to stick in the glass ceiling. Must be the glue.

I think there are a lot of complicated reasons

Mostly that happens where the men are in charge - they feel "girls" can only be little clerks or secretaries. I have been in business all my life and sometimes I agree with their reasons. Reasons women do not get promotions 1. calling in sick every month for female issues unacceptable . They become mothers and don't have the energy or drive to work as hard as men. calling in sick because your kid is sick unacceptable a real business minded person would have a sitter lined up for emergency kid problems. Other reasons are Men like to deal with what they know works in business -- other men, if a girl gets promoted many men resent that and do what they can to make it difficult for her to get things done. Best places for women to get ahead is in a company that already has women in high places. Even that won't help sometimes as women haven't learned to help each other or team up like the guy have.

Its really not. Your kinda wrong

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