Do you care what someone is online?

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Normally, yup. It's like when you pay attention how someone is with a waiter - if you have "power" over someone/something, how you treat them tells a lot about you. And on the internet you have the freedom to be whoever you chose with little to no consequence. If you choose to be an asshole, it tells a lot about you.

If you mean gender, age or sexual preference then no, not unless we were going to meet up. People on here can be anything they want... i don't really mind. As it happens I'm actually me because I'd confuse myself too much if i tried not to be me lol

@Sofia Lying is hard work - you can't forget the lies or you'll get caught xD

I'd need a team of personal assistants with a database to record everything I said, then to inform me if I was contradicting myself... it sounds sooo difficult. Although I think I could get away with being a girl... well for a while, as long as nobody asked me about actual girl things xD

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Not in the least

No. We can be anything we want to be. I don't believe or disbelieve anything.

Not really, I take people at their word, until proven otherwise.

Yes I do, if I want to get to know them. It may not matter what they are (whatever that is supposed to mean) but it's nice to see how you can relate to each other in the real world.
If I don't care anything about them online, I probably really wouldn't care much about them in the real world.

@JustJimColo Yes I do, if I want to get to know them. It may not matter what they are (whatever that is supposed to mean) but...

Yeah, this is an issue, that seems to be growing. I know for certainty, that I have problems with coming towards as an honest person, probably the reason why Sukie asked this in the first place.

Not really.If they are really obnoxious I might block them-but that's only happened on a certain other site.

I heard that some people lie about who and what they are on the internet. hehe smilie

It is no one's business.

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Define "what someone is." It covers a vast realm of possibilities. Some pedophile looking to victimise children? I care. Somebody trying to collect personal information? I care. Somebody who has anal sex with cacti? I don't care. Somebody that eats boogers? I don't care.

Not unless they give me a reason to...

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