What are some tips to like your single life? I miss being in a relationship. I hate being single. Any tips to start liking being single?

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Love yourself. Enjoy your own company. There will still be times when you feel lonely and miss companionship though, but it passes when you're happy in your own skin

Coming from someone who has never dated

Personally, I want to work on myself first.

Just use the time to work on yourself. Cultivate your other relationships, friends and family. Engage in your favorite hobbies and improve your skills. Reflect on life. Eat pizza and ice cream then sleep it off. Say yes to opportunities. Just discover yourself and enjoy being free.


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In my culture we don't date. We go through the courtship process instead, which is a prerequisite for marriage.

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Muslim in the Nation of Islam

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There are Muslims from all walks of life and from different cultures. In my Islamic culture, we court instead of date.

Focus on yourself and don't let others control your emotions.

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