What is a question you've always wanted to be asked? How would you answer that question?

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And if I can really choose every question I want :

I want that hot dude at the fitness to ask me if I can help him " a little hand " or a mouth ;)

Course I would say yes, after I made him beg for me ^^

How sexy is the average person in 2017?

@ThisLadyIsDangerous How sexy is the average person in 2017?

I would answer with : people are too prude these days :d

"Why is everyone on amirite so horny nowadays?"

I really don't know, but I hope everyone gets laid soon for the sake of the site

What kind of leather underwear would you want to wear, when you are farting out slightly unconscious cats?

A: leather pants, with a big opening at the rear end.

"Would you like 10 million dollars?"

"Why yes....yes i would".

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