Boating Accident. Would you take a chance of saving your partner...or saving yourself first?

This is one of those incidences where your scruples come into play: you could save yourself. At least someone would live. If you save your partner you both might die. What do you think you might do...or what might actually happen...

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When I say "partner" I use the term loosely. Could be a buddy you were out with for the day.

I tried to save my best friend from drowning in the river years ago, but the problem was he was panicking and he kept trying to climb up me, pushing me under the water. Eventually to save myself I had to force his hand that was gripping my arm off so I could try and find something to give him that would float, but in the end I was too late. So if I was trying to save my partner, I'd try and get her to stay calm and float on her back while I found something to give her that she could use to float on.

Save us both...

Get on the bank, make a fire with those waterproof matches(That everyone should have), get a little dried off and calm down..

If the boat is still working....See what i need to do, to get it started and leave..

If the boat isn't working, i'd call someone on my phone (My phone with a watertight case)...

Stay by the fire until help comes..

Find some dry green vegetation that'll burn, anything like an old plastic bottle, something that will make lots of smoke, to signal the rescuers..

Probably have to get some fast-food for dinner, it would be kinda late to start cooking dinner.....Yea.

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I like to stay on schedule smirk smilie

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What a great river raft that would be:)

My partner would be saving me since I can't swim. But if it was one of my kids, I would do everything in my power to save them, even if it meant my life.

First, i would have to save myself. Then, i would give my life to save her.

Stabilize yourself so that you can be of help to others. At least that is what we were taught in survival classes.

@Sukiesnow Do you think those courses do some good or are a waste of money?

Anytime you can learn something I think it's worth the time and usually the money. You don't even have to take classes on survival, just listen to what the flight attendants tell you.
In case of an emergency, put your face mask on first and then tend to your loved one. It is the only sensible response.

Myself first, duhhh. I can always find a new partner. Plus I get to inherit his fortune which is a nice bonus lol

saving partner

myself, I have no partner