Everyone is created equal. Doesn't matter how smart or how beautiful/handsome. Everyone should be treated equally.

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Everyone should have equal rights under the law. No one is actually created equal and not everyone should be treated the same. I treat people according to the way they treat others. If they show disrespect then I return the favor. If they are a good person and show respect to others, I show respect to them.

Should be.

Carlas avatar Carla Agree +3Reply

Exactly! So, also trans people! We shouldn't be excluded :)

Equal would mean no gets preferential treatment, Including politicians being on the same health care they foist on us or colleges wouldn't be allowed to "make up" for past behavior in their selection process. Will the day come that
a robot will take all input and make decisions on the facts and nothing else?

Equality isn't natural

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We're all different and the same. The equality comes in with respect for who another person is. No one is better or worse than another, but that does not mean they are equal.

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