If you have some issue being in society...does that mean everyone should write you off as a decent human being? And btw, this is not about me.

This has to do with a multitude of issues. You disagree - religiously and politically - with most of the people at the gathering...but why should that become who you are? Is it due to the strength of the majority? The strength of the majority...can be considerable. I've noticed that many people struggle in social settings...but why not? Society can be a harsh mistress...

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It seems that people who dislike speaking also get a lot of judgment in society...

What issue, not being Will_Janitor? We can't all be him.

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So, that is your darkest secret... Having your hats made out of penises. That's quite cool, actually. Vaginas make lousy caps.

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Already posted that, you silly sod.