Small talk is super annoying and pointless.

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I like small talk now and then. It doesn't bother me.

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@Carla Probably

Any conversation without true meaning in my opinion is small talk.

@Carla Dontcha think small talk leads to deeper conversation?

Good point! Small talk such as "it's so humid outside". Or just people babbling about stupid stuff is what gets on my nerves the most.

I guess it depends on what you consider small talk.

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It is raining pretty heavy here at the moment.

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Soooo, have you seen that new pair of shoes NIKE has come out with?

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Yeah, yeah, you know they say they really support your foot arch, how, ummm, how are your foot arches at the end of a day?

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Yes, yes, rather. I wasn't wearing any shoes the other day and I stubbed my toe quite nasty. Bad business that, so I am a strong advocate for the wearing of shoes. Mind you, shoes in bed, I am not quite sure about that..... insert small talk chuckle

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I hear that lady on the newspapers wears shoes. It must one of the new "fads".....

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And then I was watching on the telly, the tube, right, and these blokes on this CSI solved this whole big crime by like matching this other fellows shoes to some matching prints from the scene, put him away for good I reckon. And like, I was like WOW, that is pretty schmiko. So I don't wear shoes when I go out killing whores anymore.

It's great if you're checking in on someone but talking about the weather or current events is meaningless IMHO.

So is most other talk but people do like to hear their selves talk..

I rather enjoy it

Unless it's in your job description

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