We have entered an era where people do not accept the opinions of others. Where certain viewpoints, means of communication, or simple appearances can immediately disqualify your very argument, leaving an individual with no choice but to kick and scream beneath the foot of those who have usurped the throne that they once sought to destroy. Exiling the townsfolk of that throne's kingdom simply for being within the same walls. Our internet has become more and more divisive, what with various organizations lashing out at each others' throats. Individuals on both sides opting not to communicate ideas, but to engage in primitive mudslinging before curling up in the confides of their cushioned cave, where fellow hermits pat them on the back and offer them a drink for all of their noble, valiant efforts against their illusion of a foe. In the outside world, our leaders have been placed at the switch of a speeding trolley, forced to choose between what is right, and what gives them more influence. Unfortunately, we all know what the result will be - what with the escalating violence and its justification being followed by stifled and stomped outrage, pressure is sure to build on either side, bound to give way once the cart dashes across the selected track, creating an immense blow that could surely damage the other side to some degree - if not annihilate them. We see it even now on our internet, where the people had pulled the trolley to one side, the resulting burst tearing at the other track - where each man woman and child laying upon the rails would then emerge bruised and scarred from the shrapnel. But why is this the case? We must take a moment and lower our arms and our hands, our fingers and guns, and reflect on the objective truth of each situation instead of the subjective hysteria we have all sunken into and now clamber within, forcing our arms to contort and our index fingers to point and our mouths to swear and our veins to pop. He must sit down and converse, seeking understanding of another perspective, not berating the individual. We must be open to let others understand where we come from and why we view the world as we do - and while it is the duty of each individual to seek their own knowledge, the only one with a true understanding of one's own opinion is the individual dispensing it to his or her audience.