Ever go on a banning spree just blocking all the people who constantly spout nonsense and hate?

15% Yes 77% No 8% Other
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4 20

No. When it happens, it happens.

If I see a group of people acting in a way that I find inhuman, then I might block them, but besides that, it normally goes from person to person.

in soda head because the cons there like trish etc were just wild animals who viciously attacked me mocked tragedies in my past and insulted my deceased relatives then stalked me like creepers

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Well I'd say I've blocked les than one percent and I'm happy with the outcome no more bigots in my feed anymore :)

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I'd say I've only blocked about that many people too

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Seems silly to me. If you don't wanna see them why not block them.

Nope, never once have I even considered doing that.

I try to stay away from the nonsensical posts.

I've been accused of blocking when people disagree with me, that's just not true. I only block when someone starts dissing me, starts calling me names, and they just want to pick a fight....then I will block. But at present, I have only about 12 blocked..... and everyone of them deserved it.

Are your arguments so weak that they cannot withstand a debate?

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Thats for you to define in the context of this question. Your idea may be different than mine.

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