What is the most redneck state?

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Alabama I'd think. Or Mississippi. Perhaps somewhere in Appalachia too. Some place that has tons of confederate flags, pick up trucks, cabins, trailer parks, cheap ass beer drinkers, hoedowns, rodeos, square dances, Country Music, fiddles, meth, Trump hats, and Duck Dynasty Fans

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@BlueRose Arkansas

We traveled through Arkansas once and it was the only place we ever drove through that padlocked it's TP down. smh

I am a proud redneck country girl. Ain't a damn thing wrong with a flag that was part of history, I used to drive a pick up truck and most of my friends still do. Nothing wrong with a cabin far better than a city slickers bed bug infested hotel, I happen to live in a trailer park doesn't make me less of a person, I used to attend hoedowns, rodeos, and square dances better than going to a night club where when you pick up someone from the city that probably ain't the only thing you are going to pick up. I love country music and playing the fiddle on the front porch is a great way to spend a Sunday. None of my country friends are Trump fans and everyone busted for meth have all been city folks.

We work hard for what we have and one thing I can say is we ain't fake we are proud of being from where we are. We don't believe in playing make believe

Just like everything there is good and bad in all walks of life. I have nothing against people from the city they are great folks but if ya gonna talk shit about my folks I can do the same damn thing about yours. biggrin smilie

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