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Mexican is so tasty....add a little heat...a little spice...some tequila!

My sister made this dip of garlic hummus with muffuletta was so good...this guy and I were monopolizing it...we just sat there continuously eating...I was bloated and felt fat...yet still I kept on shovelling it in...

I'm a slow eater so sometimes I want to keep eating while at the same time, I want to stop because I'm tired of chewing. So stopping usually wins out.

Chocolate cheesecake

Fried rice..

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Tender angel hair pasta with fresh marinara/spaghetti sauce.

Yes...Raw oysters.

Corned beef when cooked in a New England boiled dinner. The taste is only that good when it is served hot and moist right out of the pot. Eating it the next day as leftovers is good, but never the same as fresh cooked.