Do you trust Wikipedia?

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Depends on the page.

Usually if I'm doing broad research I'll use Wikipedia as a starting point to get general information and then use that to find scholarly sources that explore more narrow topics in more depth. The citations at the bottom of Wiki pages tend to be good places to find resources like articles and authors on the subject

With a grain of salt.

No, not by itself.

only when its cited

Wikipedia is accurate in general. Anyone can write or change an article, but there's also a lot of hardcore Wikipedia editors who throw a hissy fit whenever a post isn't totally accurate.
Some people like to say Wikipedia is all fake, and anyone can write articles when something they say has been disproven with a Wikipedia article.

As much as I'd trust anyother information source.

I don't use it...

If i need to use an encyclopedia, i'll use one that can't be edited by users...
Just give me the facts..

For straightforward matters of fact, which is what I usually use it for, I have found Wikipedia to be very reliable.

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