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There are people worse off than you just so you know.

Do you have a roof over you head? If yes there are people out there every day that don't have a home. Some fall on hard times through no fault of their own. Some friends of mine moved to a big city. Then the place they were working closed with no notice and she got sick. They lived for 3 months in a van with their kids. Nobody knew till after it was over.

Do you have food? There are people that go hungry. Again not something they choose to do. When I was 17 a man used to come in the Waffle House order one piece of toast and a glass of water. I learned that he had lost everything including his wife to cancer. That toast was all he had each day. So I personally bought him a meal out of my own tips. Two years later I ran in to him. He got his life back and now spends it helping others but never forgot than random act of kindness and had brought me a beautiful thing of flowers.

Do you have a job? There are people that have far more shitty jobs than you. There are people out there with no jobs at all and it ain't cause they are lazy. Some their places closed down, some downsized and so forth. I did open interviews where I work two weeks ago. I had a lady that came in who was covered in dirt and grease. She had just left on her lunch to come to the interview to asked I didn't hold it against her. She needed a job with benefits and more money. I hired here right on the spot. She had been looking for 7 months but always passed over by her appearance.

Do you have friends? There are people sitting every day that would kill (not literally) to have just one friend to do something with, to hang out, or talk to about things in life. Some people fall on hard times and see who their real friends are and who aren't and often lose so many people.

Are you healthy? Some people ain't. My soon to be soon in law is currently being tested for cancer. I had two cancer scares myself. I have lost friends to cancer.

So do people have it worse off than you...hell yes they do. My dad used to say those words to me and they are what helps me get through hard times because I know there are people worse off than me and I can make it through what I am going through at the time.


And its always someone with like very little problems who says it too.

I think the comment - 'there's always someone worse off' is meant to help you keep your troubles in perspective; NOT to make your situation any better.

Everyone has problems Janet.
How we deal with them - that's the key!

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Yup! If your folks are still alive - give 'em a big, long hug for all of us that appreciate the person you are. They are a big part of it. If they've passed, well, we can all thank them in our prayers.

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Gronk - Your Dad sounds awesome! What a great story. You are blessed to still have Dad with you. And I'll tell you something else - he has been blessed with a wonderful, loving daughter. (Tough as nails - with a heart of gold.)