Whoever said "the customer is always right" is a moron

"where's the pen!" There's no pen sir you have to use your fin....."wheres the pen???!!!!" There's no pen "WHERES THE PEN!!!!!!?????" THERE"S NO FRIGGEN PEN!!

Image for post Whoever said "the customer is always right" is a moron
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NEWS FLASH: THE CASHIER HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SETTING PRICES, THEY CANNOT CHANGE PRICES WITHOUT MANAGER APPROVAL, THEY CANNOT REPROGRAM THE COMPUTER, THEY HAVE NOT MEMORIZED THE PRICE AND LOCATION OF EVERY SINGLE ITEM IN THE STORE, THEY CANNOT DITCH A CUSTOMER TO HELP YOU, THEY DO NOT PROCESS RETURNS GO TO COURTESY!!! STUPID!, and they ARE NOT able to stay later just for you WE HAVE LIVES to get back to and even if there is only one other register open and the line is huge THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO!! Why? Because if I stay past my time, I GET IN TROUBLE!! and my register locks me out anyway so you cannot check out even if I tried. OH AND NO I AM NOT in charge of opening registers, and cannot just jump on a register without being instructed to. The damn till could be empty! are you brain dead?

Maybe the customer is not always right is true in the millennium...but it was always true before.

Oh no, more often then not, they are wrong.
But...you have to be pleasant when leading them to rightness.

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Whoever said that doesn't have to work with customers.

Some customers love to abuse the living hell out of you, the other day there was a lady who raised hell because they didnt have plastic bags with handles


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