Any good "meeting stories"? Tell us how you met a lover...

Image for post **Any good "meeting stories"?** //Tell us how you met a lover...//
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I was taking Tae Kwon do and so was he....we finally met at a tournament.

It was 4 or 5 years later, I can't seem to remember the exact time

Everyone on this site has met a loved one...but no one seems to have any stories about it....

I was working as a musician on a cruise ship called The Fairstar and in 1990 it broke down in the south china sea and was adrift for five days without power. Everyone had to sleep on the deck because it was too hot and dark in the cabins. So there were 1500 passengers and only a few deck chairs. I met this girl who had a deck chair and she invited me to share it with her. Five days later we were rescued and stayed together for years.

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