SPLC Report: Charlottesville Racist Leader Jason Kessler Likely a Former 'Occupy Wall Street' Activist. Could organizing that event which brought shame to the right have been done for that very purpose?

Southern Poverty Law Center, SPLC: "Rumors abound on white nationalist forums that Kessler’s ideological pedigree before 2016 was less than pure and seem to point to involvement in the Occupy movement and past support for President Obama.

At one recent speech in favor of Charlottesville’s status as a sanctuary city, Kessler live-streamed himself as an attendee questioned him and apologized for an undisclosed spat during Kessler’s apparent involvement with Occupy. Kessler appeared visibly perturbed by the woman’s presence and reminders of their past association." ... ... ... ... .. ... ... ... .. ... .. ... ... ... .. ... ... .. ... ... ..... ... ... ... .. ... ... ... .. ... ... [Maze] Occupy Wall Street was a decidedly leftist movement, being that it was anti-capitalist. So is Kessler actually a leftist infiltrator whose goal is to smear the right? Is there any evidence to support that? Well, have a look at this, in the glare of all the publicity generated by the Charlottesville rally on Aug 18 he tweeted "Heather Heyer was a fat, disgusting Communist. Communists have killed 94 million. Looks like it was payback time." His tweet included a link to the daily stormer. http://gizmodo.com/organizer-of...the-1798041214 (Heather Heyer was the woman killed in the car attack) So that's about as offensive a comment as someone could make. If his goal was to make the right look like pieces of shit, that would be an excellent turd cherry to put on top of the shitcake he baked in Charlottesville. While it doesn't exactly prove that was his intent, it is fully consistent with it being his intent.

Jason KesslerRelying on familiar tropes of “white genocide” and “demographic displacement,” white nationalist blogger Jason Kessler seeks notoriety with his "Unite the Right" march in Charlottesville, Virginia.https://www.splcenter.org/fighting-hate/extremist-files/individual/jason-kessler
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I suspect you're giving Kelser way too much credit.

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