So...what isn't worth spending money on...according to you? Light Bulbs? Clothes? A gym membership?

Image for post **So...what isn't worth spending money on...according to you?** //Light Bulbs? Clothes? A gym membership?//
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@Will_Janitor Cable tv.

Yes! Neither of us watch it yet we still pay for this crap Will! Why do we allow ourselves to get kicked in the gusset area like that!
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Thank Serenity she loves that word, her boyfriend calls her a gusset all the time 'you little gusset you'. hehe smilie乂^◡^乂

Modern fashion fad toss... 乂º◡º乂

An expensive meal at an expensive restaurant.

Hair re-growing products, the weight loss pill of the week, and anything Dr Oz promotes.

Supermarket value range pasties.They are horrible

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Ha ha... You know what pasties are.

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Let's not go overboard here. Ha Ha!

Never a gym membership. Don't go out to eat very often because the food is much better and much cheaper at home.

Fidget spinners

Lottery tickets.

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