Awesome Some people cried. Perhaps the eclipse will change us.

In another 10 years we will have a full eclipse and Toronto will be in the path. Yay!

Image for post **Awesome** Some people cried. //Perhaps the eclipse will change us.//
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I saw a wee was still gratifying.

Nothing will change....nothing happened here in my area, sunny, then we had a thunderstorm.

We were going to change regardless.

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I attribute it partly to being a "community experience"... plus seeing it getting some time off work...which is always

Don't know about that.When we had one in Britain it was a great experience but nothing changed.Roll on the next one here in 2090.

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Miracles work in interesting ways.

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You ask blather you get blather.

Just looked like a cloudy day to me.

Cooled off for a little while...then went back to blistering hot..

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