if you are against far right violence but deny the violence caused by antifa your a dang HYPOCRITE! or just plain IGNORANT

i hear all you liberals outcrying over what a far far far right idiot did, but i never hear you denounce alt left violence, well guess what they are JUST as violent and just as eventful on harming even killing those who disagree with them,

i have heard far more conservatives speak out AGAINST what happened with the guy who drove a car into people then liberals speaking out against antifa, in fact liberals defend the violence, or tries to look the other way and deny it happens.

so sad. you democrats are the reason why trump will run the full 8 years.

Anti-Fascist Stabs Innocent Man Over 'Neo-Nazi' HaircutA "confused anti-fascist" swung a knife towards the face of a man with a haircut similar to the one popular with white nationalists.http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/08/20/neo-nazi-haircut-anti-fascist-stabs-innocent-man-over
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exactly, 100% agree with that

I'm a centrist and I abhor all violence, no matter what side it comes from. The problem is, so many people seem to think that when you bash a far-left extremist group, then you're bashing the left in general, and you're a far-right extremist. I've been shouted down so many times and called a bigot and a racist and everything, simply for speaking out against far-left extremist groups (even though I've also spoke out against far right extremist groups numerous times.) They even accused me of being a "conservative disguised as a centrist so I could bash the left".... why can't someone simply speak out against violence and hate?
People are extremely polarized these days; if you're not an extremist right-winger, then you're automatically an extremist left-winger, and vice-versa.

Stupid people.... stupid people everywhere.... a haircut of all things..
Swinging a knife at you while asking if you're a neo nazi... I think that electro shock therapy is in order

Couldn't agree more.

I'd say BOTH. But then, it seems even the so-called conservatives refuse to believe their own eyes about the antifa violence!

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