I didn't see any eclipse today. Did you ?

I didn't know what time to look and it was cloudy most of the day. Oh well next time , or I will watch a reenactment on line.

45% yes 45% no 0% talk about it 9% Other
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2 22

I saw that the light became unusual, but I did not actually see the eclipse except through the images of others.

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Bozette thank you... I am in Bangor Maine USA. Closer to Canada than NY.

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OO at least you knew some thing happened.


If by see you mean burn my retina with blinding light then yeah I guess

Really, I guess all the hype was for nuttin, I really wanted to see it and imagine how the first peoples of the earth would think.

I was fun to watch.

@JustJimColo I was fun to watch.

Lucky bug, I think I need to get out of this too northern state.

We got about 82% - it was pretty cool.

Bud you seem to get all the luckeyes smilie

My college was giving out free glasses to the first 100 students. My friend and I got there early but not early enough; they were out. So, we ended up borrowing glasses from two of our old professors. It was kind of awkward.

Really, I thought you were supposed to never look at the event.

Just looked like a cloudy day to me..

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