Your mother finds out you are an FBI agent. Would she be pleased or horrified?

Image for post **Your mother finds out you are an FBI agent.**  //Would she be pleased or horrified?//
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It's a little late now, but she would have been pleased 20 years ago.

Mine doesn't even know what the FBI is

She would have to believe it first, which she just wouldn't. I've never even set foot in the USA.

She would have had me examined by a psychiatrist. lol

Mine would have been fascinated ... very supportive mom. a smilie

She is crazy so I bet she would win a lot of bets with her psychologist

Pleased, I think. She'd be glad I had a career like that.

Pleased, most likely. She'd think of it as a way for me to honor my grandpa who used to work in the US Air Force and passed away recently (last year I believe)

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