Harvard Has Got Go!

Since the latest fad is to air brush our history, you know stuff that if you dig deep enough, you're bound to find something that will piss you off. And, Lord knows [oops - I invoked God!], any thing that's been around since the 1600's has got to have some shit way out of bounds. And what do you know - Harvard is steeped in all manner of hateful things. Stuff like religion, prestige, elitism, books, the Massachusetts Bay Colony - which practically cries out genocide of indigenous people. Did you know Harvard didn't let women enroll until 1945? They managed to keep out the Jews until the early 1900's. As late as the 1950s, Wilbur Bender, then the dean of admissions for Harvard College, was seeking better ways to "detect homosexual tendencies and serious psychiatric problems" in prospective students. Protests broke out after Harvard admitted its first black student, Beverly Garnett Williams, in 1847. Students, faculty, and pro-slavery Southerners (apparently a large faction back then) rioted upon hearing the news. But the anger was all harbored in vain. Williams died just before the academic year began, and thus never entered the college. Harvard wouldn't accept another black student for 23 years. Even today, there is a separate graduation ceremony for black students! Harvard must be dealt with harshly! Please, post your ideas how to rid this menace from society!