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Racists and people who deny there's racism.

I've noticed that when it comes to racism, sexism, homophobia and such discrimination, there's always a group of people who claim there's no such discrimination, because they have never felt it or seen it.

If only problems would go away if I pretended really hard they're not there.

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I know. They're keeping it "fresh". There's an old saying, //If it works, by all means keep doing it, but keep it fresh. //

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I would question how that is measured, but assuming it's a correct statement, it only seems to be in large cities. There are a multitude of reasons and people to blame for that.

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People, mostly.

Unhappy people wanting to stir the pot.

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The real majority have been going on with life and aren't worried about a statue...or all this other nonsense they drum up to divide people..

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It would be nice but I guess that's just the way it has to play out..

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That's exactly what is beginning and will continue to happen..

The light is on and the roaches are starting to

I don't see racial tension

Whoever came up with this victim mentality and branding people evil by heritage or race. Anyone who's sense of justice is based on feelings instead of logic

Racial tensions have always existed in the United States. If we're talking the racial tension between Black and White, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade is at the root.

The only time i see racial tensions is on tv or online...
Racial tensions are not high with me or anyone i know..

That's what i go by...reality....Not reality tv..

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