Someone has died in the room you occupy.

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Hopefully we are not talking the 10 second rule here. Ha!


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My feelings exactly. Posted this because it's true in my case.

You can smell it from there?

I don't know, but other people have lived in this place before me, so it's possible (creepy but possible).

That's okay.

No. My family was behind this house being built (some members even worked on it). No one has died inside this house.

@Wunderscore That you know of

Unless someone killed someone we don't know and took the body without anyone seeing, no one has died in this house.

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Stephen King is coming to get you, boy...

Meh, as long as there aren't corpses around I don't mind, I'm even not too mindful of corpses, but it's still been a long time since my lab coat hasn't smelled like formalin.

I would simply collect their weapons and carry on.

Ah hell nah, I'm out! I ain't gonna die today hmhmm not today

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