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Every stage of my life has had its own beauty, and I'm grateful for each of my 70 years. I hope to be a work in progress until the end.

Unfortunately it is inevitable.

I have found that worrying about things that are outside of my control are an exercise in futility.

I am not saying that your feelings are less than valid, just that there is perhaps better ways to spend energy :)

Everyone worries about getting older...especially people who say they don't. Nothing you can do except think about it and try to come to terms with it.

What jan said

You know those old people you make fun of now, if you are lucky, one day you will be one of those old people.smirk smilie

@ThisLadyIsDangerous I never made fun of old people. I said I was scared to grow old.

I didn't either, I just thought it was funny because we really are turning into those old people. Considering the alternative, I'll take old age, for now.

One's existence is ever-changing. Suffering arises when we become attached to the things we desire. Even as we are enjoying them, we know they won't last. (At least that's my superficial understanding of what the Buddha said).

I found this understanding - along with an equally superficial understanding of the concept of Anatman (no self) - quite liberating.

If you're interested you should look up "the four noble truths". They are insights the Buddha had about human suffering.. Here is just one link.

I am about to turn sixty and I say age is just a number to be ignored.

I just hate the way this country views aging.

Yeah major bummer. 乂º︵º乂