I'm so terrified to grow older. I hate seeing the people around me growing older, I wish them and me could stay young. It eats at me :( I hate aging. It's starting to eat at me. I hate how fast society changes and how everything that was traditional when I was a child, changes and is replaced by something more modern. I hate how the people around me change in personality as they grow older. It feels like I don't recognise some of them anymore after not having seen them for years. I hate how I'm already 21 and how time flies and flies. Before I know it I will be old and grey :( I hate how the cute little kids I once babysit on are now becoming young men and young women. I feel pressured to rush goals I have because I'm scared that I will be old before I know it. I miss the fact that I don't have the safe and warm protection from my parents anymore that I had as a child. When I see old people I feel very confronted with the fact that I will be old and grey myself one day. I want to live ethernal, I want to stay forever young. I want to keep the people I love with me forever, I am terrified by the thought that dead will separate us from each other one day. I am scared of boring routines like having a 9-5 job, barely any free time,... having to figure out how to pay the bills, being in a boring marriage,... Haaalppppp I don't want to have to think about my retirement yet.