If you won an award for being humble, where would you display it?

Image for post If you won an award for being humble, where would you display it?
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I wouldnt show up for the presentation.

This is one of the tricky questions... no one truly humble would want an award to show they're humble.

But let's think someone offers one - I'm not humble so I wouldn't be the choice xD

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Me me me. 乂^◡^乂

I would put it up on the front of my house! Let the whole neighbourhood see how humble I am!!!!

Sure. It would be a fun conversation starter.

I'd staple it to my gusset. 乂^◡^乂

Probably in a drawer or a box with the rest. I have a few awards on my "me" wall in my office, but it's expected for bona fides.

I've thrown out all the awards and trophies I've won. Some had gold and diamonds.

OMG. VicZinc actually posted a Question...

I would put it in a cupboard so it doesn't take up space in my small apartment

I don't know - I'm pretty busy doing magnificent stuff right now.

I'd throw it in the trash

In the bathroom.

humble people don't display awards. I would contribute it to some school do they can replace words and give to another

On a piece of pie.

Right on top of my humble mantle..on top of my humble fireplace..

I'll work on being humble for next year... a little later..

Probably give it to someone more deserving

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