I saw a real gloryhole for the first time today.

I was at the movies today and had to poop right at the end. I clenched and persevered until the end. Right as the credits start rolling I literally jump out of my seat and make a bee line for the bathroom. I ran all the way to the back stall. The walls were this tan color and there was this weird looking square that appeared to be a patch on the wall where someone probably spackled it. I really didn't pay too much attention to it. Well, I'm sitting there doing my thing and this little square like moves out slightly and I hear "pssst". I jump a little, but keep pooping. I just stare at this spot for a minute straight. Finally, I reach out to touch it and this flacid penis pokes its way through the square. Sure enough, it's just a thick piece of paper that had been glued on to cover this weird fucking wall hole. I yell, "I'm going to tear it off." And it's almost like e pushed it through even further. I wipe, pull my pants up, flush, wash my hands and grab like every employee I could find to come see the gloryhole. When we got back to the restroom, there was a puddle of pee right on the floor. The janitorial closet next to the bathroom where the dude was putting his junk through the wall had the doors wide open. I guess the guy pried it open with a rusty flathead screwdriver. The scary part was the fact that a ceiling panel was taken out and there were foot prints on the wall like he climbed into the ceiling. WTF.