Students suspended, expelled for playing 'Jews vs. Nazis' beer pong at a house party. Is it reasonable to expel students for the way they arranged their cups in a game of off campus beer pong, or is that overreacting?

ATLANTA - Students from an Atlanta private school are facing disciplinary action after a photo posted online shows them playing a game of "Jews vs. Nazis" beer pong at an off-campus house party. Channel 2 Action News confirmed the photo shows students of the Lovett School playing the game earlier this month. The picture clearly shows cups filled with beer in the shape of a Jewish star on one side of the table and a Nazi swastika on the other. ... ... ... ... ... ... .. ... .. ... .. ... .. ... . ... .. ... .. .. .. ... .. .. .. .. ... .. . .. . . . ... .. . . [Maze] If you watch the video included with the story, the tone is very much that this was a hate crime, but no actual context is given besides it being at a house party. But we know this didn't happen in a bubble, these themes are current events in the media narrative. So do you think this was likely some kind of nazi gathering, or do you think this was probably just some drunken youths being a little outrageous for the sake of a laugh? Should Americans have the right to arrange the cups in a game of beer pong any way they like? Or should there be strict limits enforced and harsh punishments doled out to offenders? I'm curious what you think.