Do you think lady Di was killed or do you think it was a simple accident? Twenty years post-mortem she is still as intrigueing as back then. I personally think she was killed by the English monarchy. MI6 was in Paris, the night of Diana's car crash. That is revealed by a book of the Russian writer Sokolov. Paul Burrell, Diana her butler, also revelead a letter written in October 1996 by the princess herself, saying that this was a dangerous phase in her life.

38% Killed in order of the English monarchy 13% Simple accident 38% Killed by the chasing papparazi and drunk chauffeur 13% Other
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I think it was an accident.

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What was so sad was that the photographers were taking pictures of her dying when they should have been helping her. I guess we'll never know, will we? So sad.

Oh, I don't need to think this one.

The truth hurts. Sometimes it even kills you. She was killed by an organization, which even I don't know and most definitely don't want to know. The only thing I know is that when one of my "associates" misspoke - obviously accidentally - about the accident after it had been ten years to the date. "It's good we killed the bitch." Then he looks at me and shuts up for the rest of the day. As a liaison officer, I wasn't asking anything. I just thought: "Oh..."

I think she was killed. :(

I better not say what I think.I could get a knock at the door.

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I think it was an accident, an avoidable one. The idiot she was with, decided to play a game of 'chicken' with photographers.

It ended tragically.

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