It would be a fun Amirite game to let users guess who wrote a post or comment. Like have the text and four users to choose from, amirite?

Who wrote the following post or comment...

"Post me a Miracle my friends or share one of your own experiences :)"

A) Tiffanee
B) VicZinc
C) Darkest_Serenity
D) Will_Janitor

88%Yeah You Are12%No Way
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That would be fun. Who would post a dog shit picture? Not even gonna make it multiple choice cause it's too easy. Ha!

Will_Janitors avatar Will_Janitor Yeah You Are +7Reply

That could be entertaining, yes. I believe Tiffanee is correct about this one...

Piper2s avatar Piper2 Yeah You Are +5Reply

I would SUCK at this game.

That would be lots of fun. My guess would be C.

I tried doing that once but since the anon feature was closed due to people abusing the living dingleberries out of it, I made an anon post and I was going to answer questions for clues but you can't answer without revealing yourself.

It is usually easy to tell the regulars by their topics and the way they respond

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StarzAbove's question:

Which Amirite works for a university:

A. Carla
B. Will_Janitor
C. JanHaskell
D. Sofia

And the answer is ___

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At the time of the question, Jan was still at the university.

That sounds fun.

Visigothicreigns avatar Visigothicreign Yeah You Are +1Reply

That could be fun...

Jaxxis avatar Jaxxi Yeah You Are +1Reply

It would be to obvious that it's me

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