An opinion is NOT a lecture. We give opinions on here but if you choose to label them as lectures...that's up to you.

You could also say that every opinion IS a lecture. I certainly feel sometimes lectured about Turnip. Furthermore...Amirite is about LIFE. Whatever comes up in LIFE happens here...and we all know that LIFE is not always a Day at the Park. People who want continuous "fun" online would do well to move to a more superficial site.

Image for post **An opinion is NOT a lecture.** //We give opinions on here but if you choose to label them as lectures...that's up to you.//
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True. The majority of opinions do not come off as if one is dictating how others should or ought to present their own. Not on this site, anyway.

Yours often do....

I agree. The biggest difference I see between the two is that an opinion should always start with: "In my opinion.........". If not, it can be easily confused with a lecture. :)

Nobody has lectured you, sukie.

@dru18 Nobody has lectured you, sukie.

Ser told me I lectured but I told her it was simply my opinion...and a good one.

It all depends how the person presents their words. There's a difference between opinion or suggestion, and facts or orders. The latter come off as lectures.

One definition of "lecture" is when you're telling someone how they should or shouldn't be in an arrogant and berating fashion. I'm pretty sure you do that a lot. Those lectures also happen to be your opinions.

You moaning about my snarkiness and demanding I do something about it sure seemed like a lecture to me.

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