Pineapple on a Pizza? So gay...

Apparently ALL my straight friends are gay, then...and since I've compromised several times...I now find pineapple on a pizza tastes good.

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Pineapple and smoked ham taste good together. I don't really care whether food snobs think pineapple "belongs" on a pizza or not, a good Hawaiian pizza is tasty. I wouldn't say it's my favorite pizza of all time, but I like it. It makes a nice change to the same old same old.

If you think your choice of pizza toppings has any relation to your sexuality, you're living in a fantasy. Snap out of it.

Also, it may be called Hawaiian pizza, but the recipe is Canadian.

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@2639731 what I say to my straight friends...

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Pineapple is a Fruit! Ha.

To the person who invented this pizza I'd do like Gordon Ramzay, I'd get two slices of bread and hold them on the person's ears. Then I'd yell at them WHAT ARE YOU?! WHAT ARE YOU? Until they say that they're an idiot sandwich.

I'd never pay for pineapple on my pizza.

@Azlotto I'd never pay for pineapple on my pizza.

Don't get conned into compromising on it either...since you might start liking it...that's kind of what happened to me...:)