In movies...apart from the plot...what else do you keep an eye on? The scenery, the costumes...the dialogue?

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Yes sometimes the scenery is amazing so it's hard not to want to look at the detail. Also if the actors are hot, I keep an eye on them too :)

I love looking at - guess you could say the scenery - the cars... especially of a different decade...

Music. I am very good at watching sound waves.

Depends on the movie. Some are "visually stunning", some have great soundtracks, some great performances..

Aesthetic/Visuals. Music. Acting. Plot. Dialogue.

I rate movies on their ability to lure me into the illusion of reality, when you get in the film and you temporarily forget that this is not reality but a movie and the same emotions get projected on you.

Scenery, facial expressions, writing. All important to the overall experience.

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