What’s the most unusual way you’ve reacted to something?

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I was in a little team of volleyball (we were horrible), and on a game we were losing by a lot, and I couldn't stop laughing. After we lost another point, I walked to the side, still laughing, and the referee whistled and warned me I couldn't do that.

Everytime I remember that, I want to dig a hole and hide myself in it. I have no clue what the hell was wrong with me.
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I only react appropriately, even when its completely inappropriate. I have had my share of weird looks, hissing noises, "huh", "shh", "what the fuck are you on about?"

Laughing at a serious movie. It was that one where soldiers from ww1 or 2 went behind enemy lines. For some reason I noticed they never ran out of bullets or cig butts. I was ok until getting into the car with a guy I was on first date with. Then I laughed for about an hour.


No entiendo.

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