This bot is designed to intercept telemarketers and waste their time. Do you get a lot of telemarketer calls?

This is a bot, a computer algorithm that is designed to intercept telemarketing companies and attack them by wasting their most expensive resource - the time of their employees - as well as racking their up long distance costs. In this case, this bot kept a Nigerian phone scammer on the line for 17 minutes. With a subscription to Jolly Roger Telephone Company, you can switch to the bot of your choice whenever you want. A friendly robot will then chat for a while and send you the recording when the call is over. Do you get a lot of telemarketing calls?

Nigerian prince tries to get a Moneygram confirmation code from my botThis is the first time I am posting a call from this bot. It's a very specific bot designed to talk to "Nigerian Princes." Of course, these are the guys in A...
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Kinda takes the fun out of wasting their time yourself.

@TheCensoredBrit Kinda takes the fun out of wasting their time yourself.

True, wasting the time of telemarketers is an art form, but there must be a certain joy in knowing a bot is wasting their time for you while you're doing something more important, like having a cuppa.

Thanks i'm going to look at that..

I'm tired of those idiots calling me.

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Thank ya for sharing. I am starting to run out of creative ideas on how to waste their time

Call me at your own risk...I can be worse than a 4 year old on the phone when it comes to telemarketers hehe smilie

I get 1 or 2 a year and I enjoy them now. Heh heh...evil chuckle.

text messages mostly

I sometimes get two calls from my Internet/phone operator (it's the same firm) per a day. It's like their compartmentalization has gone so far, that they really don't know, who they are fucking with. I once spent half an hour on the phone, got the salesperson extremely agitated on me and since they record the calls, I called his supervisor and complained about bad behavior from one of their sales reps. I got an answer: "Yes, that was badly handled, we'll look into the issue" the next day.

Clever idea! I want the one that sneds 480 volts through the phone!

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Well, I rarely answer calls from them. Sometimes I just ignore them. Most of the time, I reported them to the FCC. However, I still get at least 2 calls each day from unknown numbers. I don't know what to do anymore now. I think tracking down those numbers and suing the company will make them stop, like what I read at The only problem is, they will be very hard to be tracked down, because most of those calls are coming from spoofed numbers.