People ask: "What do you do online?"...so you describe Amirite.... What do you say?

Image for post **People ask: "What do you //do// online?"...so you describe Amirite....** //What do you say?//
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I tell them amirite is a great place to be.Its like the forum you post on......Is it?i might take a look?So far no one has bitten.Strange because I have persuaded the same people onto a seniors forum I like....

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You should also be doing that...hehe...JJ.

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Not necessarily true. Several SHers have left. Good ones, too.

I usually shift uncomfortably...then blurt out: it's an Opinion site...which only confuses people further... Then I give them an example...like: What's your stand on Pro choice? People give Questions and we answer them...it's fun... Then they finally SEEM to get it a bit...I dunno.

An American opinion site where people discuss a variety of topics

My hubby's a mischievous elf,
Whose talents are really top-shelf.
Be they comical jokes
*Or sxual strokes,
I couldn't do better myself!** biggrin smilie
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