If everyone stopped eating beef or dairy do you think cows would go extinct?

8% Yes 92% No 0% Other
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I doubt if that would happen. There are already sanctuaries for domesticated "farm" animals, including cows.
In the unlikely event that people even started eating far less meat and dairy products, there would be far less cows bred for that purpose, of course, because it wouldn't be profitable.

Obviously, the habitat for wild cows and many other non-domesticated animals is rapidly disappearing. Some of those animals will likely become become extinct, but if that if is prevented for the sole purpose of breeding them for a short life of suffering, I'm okay with that.

@Willcooper Would you feel better about the industry if their quality of life was better?

Yes, and that has always been my main focus about this subject. I've never had any kind of real hope that humans would stop eating, using their fellow creatures for some real or imagined "need", or killing them for sport.

At this point in time, all the things mentioned are still going on daily, all around the world, and most legally. Most humans will not stop eating 'meat' or using dairy products until or unless it becomes an inner or physical problem for them. We share the earth with actual carnivores who need to eat meat to survive too, of course.

So once again yes, I feel better about the "industry" every time there is some even some small victory in the way they can legally be treated, and their so-called quality of life.

I think that if we continue to ignore the carbon footprint that large-scale livestock farming produces, every species on earth is going to go extinct. Except maybe some extremophiles.

I mean... eventually probably, but I think they'd be reclassified. Either they'd die out from us murdering them for leather or they'd become some kind of wild oxen since there is no need to domesticate them if they aren't a source of food any more.

Well, they are the only animal you can hunt with a hammer.

I'd love love love to wake up to a world where animals were no longer products, commodities, ingredients, or materials (leather, fur, wool, feathers).

No, but the plants they eat will!

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