How much did you like doing homework?

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Depends on what the subject was. Hated math and physics (which may seem quite weird, since I have become a fan of both later in my life), loved biology and geography. History wasn't really my thing back then, but these days I'd love to be a history teacher.

History is good.Got a degree in it.
Hated homework and usually did it at the last minute.

I never liked doing homework at all. I enjoyed the social aspect of school, but I was happy to graduate and get a job, where it was basically like school except you get paid for it and don't have to take your work home.

The teachers used to tell us that high school was the highlight of our lives, but that's complete BS. High school is just a small chapter of your life. I think the teachers were talking to the people who were likely to get knocked up / knock someone up, and get married right out of high school.

Not at all, I hated it

I hated school because of the violence so I couldn't concentrate there, then at home I couldn't relax enough to consider homework because of my crazy family life. I've always considered school started for me when I was in the second last year of high school. That was the point when I enjoyed homework... chemistry was my favourite.

I hated homework.

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